Conan Exiles Horse Food: A Guide to Nourishing Your Noble Steed

Conan Exiles Horse Food

You can’t imagine making it through the harsh, merciless world of Conan Exiles Horse Food without your faithful steed at your side. As you ride over barren landscapes, fight off powerful enemies, and go into the unknown, your horse will prove to be a vital partner. But you must feed your lovely steed properly if you want to keep it performing at its best. To assist you and your steed survive the harsh environment of Conan Exiles Horse Food, we’ve put up this in-depth reference to horse diet in the game.

Understanding Your Horse’s Needs

Let’s first get reduced to the bare fundamentals of what your four-legged companion necessitates before we get into the complicated world of horse food. Horses in Conan Exiles serve as more than simply rides; they can be additionally used to transport merchandise, increase speeds of movement, and give an edge in strategy in combat. Pay close attention to the following details to keep them operating at optimal efficiency:


To maintain health and vitality, horses, like people, must drink enough water. Some of you should always provide clean drinking water for your horse to eat and drink.


Guarantee that your horse is getting the proper nourishment for his or her wellness along with stamina. The total amount of nourishment provided by different kinds of food varies significantly.


Horses may become agitated in severe weather, so it’s important to provide them somewhere dry to go when storms roll in.


Grooming Your horse’s health and lifespan depend on your commitment to keeping it clean and disease-free via regular grooming.

The Best Foods for Your Horse 

Now that we’ve covered the fundamentals, let’s dive into the many types of horse food in Conan Exiles and how they may sustain and improve your horse’s performance.

Plant Fiber

You may easily feed your horse a diet based on plant fiber. It’s easy to gather and has some nutritional value.


Oats are a mainstay for horses because they provide the right amount of nutrients and water. Due to their effectiveness, they are frequently chosen.


Feeding your horse nourishing fodder is a great way to give them a burst of energy. It’s not as easy to get your hands on, but it’s well worth the effort.

Herbal Tea

When it comes to staying hydrated, herbal tea is a great option. Your horse’s thirst will be satisfied, and he’ll get a little boost to his health from the drink.

Preparing and Feeding Your Horse

The act of feeding your horse is simple, but it does need some planning. How to make sure your horse never goes hungry:

Gather Resources

Before heading out on your travels, make sure you have enough plant fiber, oats, fodder, and herbal tea.

Access the Horse Inventory

Get close to your equine and look into its trunk. Its meals will be kept here.

Transfer Food

Place the chosen things into your horse’s feeding quota.

Monitor Hunger

Keep an eye on the inventory bar to see how much your horse is eating. When its health bar drops, you may restore its strength by dragging and dropping food items onto it.


Conan Exiles Horse Food is more than simply conveyance; it’s a need in the harsh environment of Conan Exiles Horse Food. You can keep your noble steed fit and ready to fight and explore with you if you know how to provide it the food and water it needs. Don’t forget to stock up on nutritious feed and give your horse the attention it needs.


  • Can I feed my horse multiple types of food at once?
  • You certainly can. Feeding your horse a variety of foods can help him get the nutrients he needs.


  • Do horses have specific preferences for food?
  • Conan Exiles’ equines don’t have picky eating habits. You may give them whatever that fits their dietary needs.


  • How often should I feed my horse?
  • It’s an excellent concept to check a horse’s hunger meter upon an ongoing basis. Keep its hunger at bay by feeding it when the meter dips low.


  • Can I leave my horse without food for an extended period?
  • Too much time without meals might be fatal for your horse. Consistently ensure that it has everything for you to consume and breathe.


  • Is there any food that can increase my horse’s speed?
  • No matter how much you feed your horse, its pace won’t increase. Breed and statistics have a significant role in determining a horse’s speed.
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