Zip Code for Newport News: A Comprehensive Guide

Zip Code for Newport News

Accurate information, especially location-based information, is more important in today’s fast-paced society. Knowing Newport News, Virginia zip codes is extremely useful, whether you’re a current resident, a visitor, or a company owner. In this post, we’ll provide you a complete rundown of the zip code for Newport News, so you’ll always know what you need to know.

Understanding the Importance of Zip Codes

Let’s take a step back from the individual Newport News zip codes for a moment and consider the bigger picture of why they matter. In 1963, the United States Postal Service implemented “Zone Improvement Plan codes,” more commonly known as zip codes. They are used as geographical markers and to facilitate postal delivery. In addition, zip codes serve other functions, including the calculation of sales tax rates, the compilation of crime data, and the delineation of service regions for various enterprises.

Newport News Overview

Newport News, in the far southeastern corner of the Commonwealth of Virginia, is an exciting metropolis with a storied past and bright future. It’s well-known for its stunning beaches, interesting landmarks, and multicultural population. Knowing the different zip codes in Newport News is essential for getting around the city quickly and easily. One by one, let’s investigate them:

Newport News Main Zip Code

The City of Newport News Newport News’s central business district is located inside the 23601 zip code, making it the city’s major zip code. City Center, Port Warwick, and CNU are all part of it.

North Newport News

Neighborhoods in the 23602 zip code include Kiln Creek, Lee Hall, and Menchville, while those in the 23606 code include Hilton Village and the Warwick Boulevard area of northern Newport News.

Central Newport News

The 23605 zip code serves a large portion of central Newport News. Marshall Courts, Newsome Park, and Ivy Farms are all a part of this larger region.

Southeast Newport News

This zip code, 23607, covers the southeast section of Newport News, Virginia, which includes the Southeast Community and Downtown Newport News areas.

South Newport News

The 23608 zip code encompasses southern Newport News, VA, including all of Denbigh and Warwick County.

Southwest of the city, in the 23604 zip code, you’ll find both the Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport and Fort Eustis.

Nearby Areas

Even though it’s outside the city borders, the 23661 postal code region is frequently thought of as belonging to Newport News because of its proximity to the James River Bridge.

Exploring Newport News

Now that we’ve gone over the basics of Newport News’s postal codes, we can move on to the city’s more interesting aspects:

  • The Mariners’ Museum and Park, in the 23601 zip code, houses a fantastic marine collection and is a must-see for history buffs.
  • Zip code 23608 is home to Newport News Park, a large park with paths, picnic spots, and a peaceful lake perfect for nature lovers.
  • In the 23607 area code, you’ll find Huntington Park, a lovely site for a stroll with stunning water views.
  • Zip code 23604 is home to the Virginia Living Museum, which has both informative and entertaining displays on local flora, fauna, and their environments.


In conclusion, knowing how to navigate zip code for Newport News can substantially improve your time spent in this exciting city. Having this data at your disposal is extremely helpful in a wide variety of situations, including sending letters, finding businesses, and simply exploring the region.

Keep in mind that zip codes may tell you a lot about the many towns and areas that make Newport News what it is.

Enjoy your stay in Newport News, Virginia, to the fullest now that you know all there is to know about this charming city.


  • Can I use the same zip code for the entire city of Newport News?
  • No, Newport News has many zip codes, each covering a different geographic region. Using the right zip code is crucial when giving exact addresses.


  • What is the zip code for Newport News Shipbuilding?
  • The 23607 area code is home to the majority of Newport News Shipbuilding’s facilities.


  • How can I find the zip code for a specific address in Newport News?
  • Newport News zip codes are readily available via many web resources and by consulting with the local postal office.


  • Are there any zip code boundaries within Newport News that I should be aware of?
  • It’s recommended that anybody looking for the most up-to-date information on a certain zip code contact the United States Postal Service or a trusted web source.


  • Are there any notable events or festivals in Newport News I should know about?
  • The city of Newport News is always celebrating something. Keep an eye on the community calendar and your social media for information on forthcoming events and parties.
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