[solved]-Windows screen server auto lock not working.. How to fix it?

screen timeout windows 7

Windows screen server auto lock not working Windows 8 

.. How to fix it?


I have setup the following settings. I need to lock the windows, for being ideal for about several minutes while I am unattended..
screen saver setting
system setting
How to fix this to make screen server lock after being ideal for some time?

Solution : 

This solution could be used to windows 8, 7 and server 2008
Solution 1 (using Regedit)

Press windows key and R key together and type regedit and click ok.
I the Registry add the following entries..

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop]
For those who need can download the key from here and double click and add to the registry

Solution 2 using Group policy


Press windows key and R key together and type gpedit.msc and click ok.

user configuration—>Administrative templates—–>personalization—->

Define the following group policies..
enable screens server
Password protect the screen server
screen server timeout
local group poilcy editor
Note: in windows 8, windows 8 pro and enterprise contains group policy editing feature..
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